Start planning now!

Over 60 MILLION people go to garage sales EACH YEAR!







  • Don't just leave people alone at the sale
  • Make sure you the valuable items are where you are
  • Clear the area of hazards
  • Parking is a marked area if it is off street
  • Electrical items are hooked to a safe outlet
  • Kids and pets are not free to run and play in the area
  • Buyers shouldn't bring their pets with them  and buyers should be watching their kids...if they aren't... feel free to say something.


The following information is suggestions and tips

 And not the only things you should do when having a garage sale.






Tips for setting up your sale:


Tables are very important; put up as many as you can but make sure you can still get around the area.


Tables can be of any kind, plywood over saw horse,  etc. anything that is strong and will not fall over with normal bumping that goes on at a sale like this.


1.  Hang cloths like dresses, suits, skirt, coats & Jackets

2.        Avoid putting items in boxes on the ground.  I don?t like bending over to look at them to dig into them, and if the lighting isn?t that great most will not even try.

3.     Put like kind items together.  Glassware, cooking utricles, kitchen items and like kind should be in one area.  Books, music, and entertainment, Others would be cloths, toys,  

4.     Place large appealing items within eyeshot of the street so driving by it can be seen.

5.     Tools, lawn equipment, workout equipment, furniture, need to be in high visible area.  Out side if weather permits. 

6.     The whole area of your sale must been clean and items not for sale out of sight.  No one wants to buy from some place that looks like a mess, even if the garage is neat. 

7.     If it isn?t for sale and you can?t move it: cover it, mark it, and rope the area off:  you don?t want to spend time telling people why your garden tools and kids riding toys aren?t for sale. 

8.     Display the whole set not just one piece:  They will not take the time to take it out of the box to check for damage this will keep them from buying. Show it off. 

9.     Step back look at your area:  Does it look clean?  Does it smell?  Hard to do your shopping in a place that has an odor.  

10.  Background music: Something place just enough so you can hear it. Most people don?t shop well in dead silence.  Put them in a good feeling mood. 

11.  Make sure you area is safe:  check the garage floor and drive way for oil, grease, or other slippery spots & hazards.  Using extension cords or cables?  Tape them down.  Loose rugs, card board or other material being used to cover something up make sure it?s safe. 

12.  Assess your inventory with an eye to safety:  Kids toys are there broken parts, small piece where children can reach them?  Old lamps with frayed cords mark it so they know not to use it and it needs to be replaces?  

13.   Good thing to do:

a.    Bag those small parts that belong to that game or toy. 

b.    Have an electrical out let available to test those items that use electricity 

c.      Have cleaning solution available so you can clean when a mess it made or something gets marked.

d.    Have boxes or a place to put items as buyer collects items while shopping.  Don?t let their hands get full and no way to buy more.

e.     Use plastic zip bags to bag items that belong together, and they can still see them and be able to open and check it out.

14.   Mark cloths for size if you can or group them in sizes.

15.     Have a sign that says all sales are finial.

16.   Where is your check out spot?

a.    Set this up where you can see people coming an going.

b.    Have bags ready

c.      Make sure you have a safe way of keeping your money and making change easy.

d.    How are you keeping track of the sale?  (This is if you have items aren?t all belonging to one person.)  Make sure you have a system all ready for that.  If your taking off the tags and keeping them make sure they come off easy.

17.   Mark your items.  You can do this in different ways: 

a.    Each items has it?s own tag.

b.    Like kind items can have a sign

c.      Color-coded tags work too!

18. Clean items bring more money.  Run your glassware through the dishwasher, Freshen up the cloths, wipe off the toys get the bugs out of the books, games boxes wipe them off.  Buyers don?t want your dirt.

19.   Make sure there is a place to park.  If you need to show them where they can park by putting up signs.  Make sure your own cars are not in the way.

20.  Keep your kids and animals safe.  Make sure you have someone helping you if you have small kids to watch.  Make sure your animals are where people will trip over them, or be sacred of them.  Kids can help you just make sure it?s help and not being a pest.




Pricing now what you have to sell.


They are't coming to you to pay full price.
They might only be one person who even wants that item in the 500 who are doing garage sales this weekend.
Realize you're getting rid of things you don't want to bring it back into the house.  Price it that way.
Don't be greedy
No one cares what you can get for it on eBay
Don't forget to inform people if the item doesn't work.
Don't let early buyers in.  If you have a time set stay by it.